Tuition & Financial Aid

Most courses offered during the summer are either three, four or five hours. Student health and athletic fees are assessed to all students enrolled on campus. Students enrolled in an online course are assessed a technology fee.

All students enrolled in the summer term must settle their financial account online through OPUS or in person (Student Financial Services office, Boisfeuillet Jones Center) before May 12, 2020, to avoid cancellation. Enrollment is not complete unless tuition and fees are paid. Students who enroll in person on May 18 or June 29 must pay their assessed tuition and fees at that time.

Students will need to access OPUS to review their charges, determine the amount owed and submit their payment online and to avoid class cancellation for nonpayment. See the Student Financial Services web site for further information, deadlines, policy information, and refund schedule.

On-Campus Courses

Tuition: $1,658 per credit hour

Athletic Fee: $57

Student Health Fee: $83

Room and Board Estimate: $1,300 per session [Students are not required to live on campus.]


Emory College Online

Tuition: $1,327 per credit hour. 

Technology fee: $50

To be eligible for federal or institutional aid, you must be enrolled for at least six hours. The summer financial aid award cycle begins mid to late spring. A separate summer financial aid application is not necessary. Emory students who enroll for at least six (6) semester hours will be emailed when their summer award is ready to view in OPUS. Students should enroll the total hours they intend to take either in one or both summer sessions.

You will be notified by email when your financial award letter is ready to view in OPUS. Check OPUS to ensure that your eamil address is correct.

Students who have graduated from Oxford College and are eligible to continue to Emory College will be considered Emory College students for eligibility and awarding purposes. Oxford College does not award financial aid for the summer term to current Oxford College students.

Transient, non-degree seeking students admitted to Emory College for Summer 2020 may be eligible for a partial scholarship. Transient students are encouraged to apply for the Emory College Transient Student Summer Scholarship. To be considered, students must:

(1) Be accepted as a non-degree seeking student.

(2) Complete and submit the Transient Student Scholarship Application, which is available within your online admission application. Supplemental documents are required, including a copy of your 2019-2020 financial aid award letter and an academic transcript from your home institution.

(3) Enroll for a minimum of six (6) credit hours.

Once admitted as a transient student, submit your scholarship materials to Summer School Programs, Candler Library, Suite 200, 550 Asbury Circle, Mail Stop: 1580-002-2AH, Atlanta, GA 30322. Scholarships are based on the number of credit hours enrolled at Emory, demonstrated financial need and academic merit. The scholarship deadline is May 18, 2020.



1st Session

2nd Session


Withdrawal date on or before: May 14 May 24 July 5 100%
May 17 May 29 July 10 80%
May 21 June 3 July 15 60%
May 24 June 7 July 19 40%
n/a June 12 July 24 20%
After May 24 After June 12 After July 24 No reduction