Transient Students


Students from other U.S. institutions may apply to be a non-degree seeking transient student. Make the most of your summer. Join other students at Emory this summer!

Please note: Choose Apply Now one time only. If you started an application, use the OISP Portal Login above for access.

Students In Special Standing

Students who hold an undergraduate degree and wish to enroll in undergraduate or graduate courses but do not desire admission to a degree program may apply for admission in special standing in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Applications are available from the Graduate School, 209 Administration Building, and must be submitted at least one month prior to registration. Contact the Graduate School at 404-727-6028.

There is no guarantee that credit will be awarded for courses taken in special standing. Students may petition for credit toward a degree for work taken in special standing only after having been admitted formally to a degree program.

Below are the steps to follow in order to apply to attend Emory this summer.

1) Complete the online application. You will be required to submit a Letter of Good Standing from your home institution and pay the $75 non-refundable application fee online.

2) Once your application is verified complete, it will be marked Under Review. 

3) After final review, you will receive an official acceptance notification.

4) Log-in to your application to view additional Pre-Arrival details in your online application checklist.


Tuition is assessed per credit hour during the summer. Emory and visiting students are assessed $1478 per credit hour. All students are assessed $125 for student athletic and health fees. See our Tuition & Fees page for more details.

Transient Student Summer Scholarship

Visiting students admitted to Emory College for the summer may apply for the Emory College Transient Student Summer Scholarship. Students must enroll for a minimum of (6) six credit hours to be eligible unless your are enrolled in the MD-SEE program. The scholarship application is included as part of the acceptance application.

The online application will provide a place for you to upload several supporting documents:

1) Copy of your 2016-2017 financial aid award letter;
2) Transcript from your home institution. 

Deadline to apply: May 18, 2017

Partial tuition awards are based on financial need and academic merit.

Courtesy Scholarship Benefit

Emory employees who qualify for the Courtesy Scholarship benefit may apply that discount towards the tuition of their child/dependent enrolled in credit-bearing course work.

Employees should consult Emory Human Resources to find out if they qualify for a courtesy benefit.

Course Registration

Upon notification of your acceptance to Emory University as a visiting non-degree seeking student, you will receive written  instructions on how to log onto and enroll in a course(s).

Accepted transient students may also enroll in person on Monday, May 18 for first session or June 29 for second session. Registration will be held at the Office of the Registrar (101 B. Jones Center), 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

For additional assistance or questions, email or contact the Summer Programs Office at 404-727-0671.

Upon completion of summer course work, visiting students may request an official transcript to be sent to their home institution.  The student's home institution determines if the credits will be accepted and how they will be applied. Visiting students should consult with their home institution prior to summer registration.

To request an electronic or paper official transcript, visit